Molson Coors

Molson Coors

A global brewer with over 350 years of brewing heritage.

TagEvac Evacuation System installed 2011.
Industry: Manufacturing

We asked Molson Coors, why choose TagEvac®?

  • Improved evacuation process
  • Replaced ineffective roll-call
  • Works on a complex site

In 1744 Englishman William Worthington began his beer brewing in Burton on Trent and his fellow countryman William Bass did the same in 1777. Four years after the Adolph Coors Company had set up shop across the Atlantic, the Bass brewing company was turning out more than a million barrels a year. In 1926, Bass and Worthington beer brewery merged. In 1954, Bass Brewers launched Carling Black Label, the beer that would eventually become the U.K.’s best selling beer brand. Today it is simply known as Carling.

In 1786 John Molson founded Canada’s oldest beer brewery on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in Montreal. He wrote, “My beer has been universally well-liked beyond my most sanguine expectations.” In 1959, Molson Canadian was first brewed and today is one of Canada’s most iconic and best-selling brands.

In 1883 Adolph Coors, a penniless brewer’s apprentice, stumbled on the perfect water in Clear Creek at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. 105 years later, Coors Light was born and would go on to be enjoyed by beer drinkers in over 25 countries worldwide.

By 2005 Molson and Coors combined in a merger of equals, creating the world’s fifth largest brewer, with the operating scale and balance sheet to take a leading role in the consolidating global beer industry.

The Burton-upon-Trent brewery is located centrally within the town and occupies a site of approximately 120 acres. The site caters for all elements of the brewing, warehousing and distribution of their brands. The site is complex and has multiple Assembly / Control points. TagEvac® was chosen as the ideal emergency evacuation solution so that all departments could utilise a simple, yet effective system and provide a clear and sustainable method for zoned evacuation throughout the site.

TagEvac® is an affordable, efficient and scalable solution designed to minimise disruption – meaning you can save money by significantly reducing your downtime costs. Get in touch for a free consultation and to find out how we can help you.