How it Works

Emergency evacuation made simple

TagEvac® is the most effective solution on the market for managing emergency evacuation. It’s easy to use, quick to install, gets you back to work fast and is trusted by the emergency services.

Through simple, colour-coded messaging and intuitive information panels, TagEvac® is built to ensure you don’t have to think in an emergency. This results in a fast, organised evacuation while at the same time allowing the emergency services to see instantly which areas have been cleared.

A simple, practical and trusted solution

We know managing emergency evacuation safely and getting key information quickly, clearly, and without compromise can be full of challenges.

That’s why we make TagEvac®. Uniquely designed and easy to use, our systems provide a clear method of checking your building is evacuated. How your building is used and where the people are in it may mean a head count is impractical – by using the universally recognised ‘sweep’ system, the risk of human error is reduced, checking speeds up and the result is an organised evacuation for your staff and a reliable overview for the emergency services.

So how does this work?

TagEvac® works by dividing your building into manageable zoned areas. Each zone has a TAG Station with a removable magnetic TAG. Each TAG has a unique ID code. On evacuation, each Evacuation Marshal will sweep and check their zone is clear and take their TAG to the Control Point.

When a zone is checked and confirmed clear its TAG is matched to a unique ID in the Control Board. Managed by the Incident Controller it ensures that all TAGs are collected at one location. The evacuation can be seen in real time until all TAGs collected means the building is clear.

Core Systems that make your evacuation work.

Customise your system with our tried and tested options.

From concept to hand over, we support you every step of the way.

It’s easy to create your evacuation system using TagEvac®. Here’s how:


We know every business is different and has a unique set of needs. If required we can customise our products to offer a bespoke solution including logo and brand colours. To find out more simply get in touch to book a call with one of our experts.

Why TagEvac®?

  • Trusted and proven emergency management solution
  • No ongoing maintenance costs
  • Simplifies the training of fire wardens
  • Ideal for larger, complex buildings
  • A practical solution for multi-site organisations
  • Provides clarity to emergency planning
  • Helps achieve best practice
  • Gets you back to work fast by reducing downtime
  • Provides reliability when you need it – in an emergency