Core Systems

Core Systems

Our Core Systems provide a reliable ‘non-tech’ solution to manage the evacuation of your building. Innovative modular design ensures all systems are created with in-house maintenance in mind. TagEvac®. The perfect platform to engage, train and retain your Evacuation Marshals.

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TAGlite provides the essential kit to build an effective ‘no frills’ system for your organisation. Available off-the-shelf, TAGlite is available in any language and is a true global evacuation solution.

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Our Modular system is ideal for buildings where evacuation zones are self-contained. Our Modular system uses basic locator information which makes it simple and easy to use.

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Our Enhanced Modular system is perfect for complex sites. Zone plans define each area to give a comprehensive, unified evacuation solution.

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ClipTAG manages contractors and remote workers IN and OUT of your building or site. This wearable TAG system provides the same uncompromising method of communication as our Core Systems and the Incident Controllers get the information they need immediately to hand.

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Start Your Journey Towards Simple, Safe & Effective Emergency Evacuation

Why TagEvac®?

  • Trusted and proven emergency management solution
  • No ongoing maintenance costs
  • Simplifies the training of fire wardens
  • Ideal for larger, complex buildings
  • A practical solution for multi-site organisations
  • Provides clarity to emergency planning
  • Helps achieve best practice
  • Gets you back to work fast by reducing downtime
  • Provides reliability when you need it – in an emergency

TagEvac® have provided us with a way we could capture information at our Central Control Point so we can see the evacuation in real time at one place. I am happy with the product, service and attention to our specific requirements.

Tony van der Vliet, Deputy Centre Manager, St Stephen’s Shopping Centre

We believe that the TagEvac® system provides the Academy with a professional, comprehensive and effective solution… We are very happy with the solution and the support we received from start to finish.

Andy Crees, Business & Finance Director, North Birmingham Academy

Throughout the process we have worked very closely with TagEvac® and have come up with an ideal solution….the Fire Brigade were certainly very impressed and expressed their views that TagEvac® is a very good product.

Trevor Jennings, Risk Manager, Lloyd’s of London

Adopting TagEvac® has simplified and speeded up the reporting process. I gave my fire wardens 5 minutes training on how to use the system and they got it straight away!

Carol Foley, Facilities Manager, GTA

For a multi-storey building with multiple occupants, I can see that the system is of significant benefit to the University in being able to keep track of which areas have been effectively “cleared” by the fire wardens (and, perhaps more importantly, which ones haven’t).

Peter Tobin, Watch Manager & Business Safety Officer, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service

TagEvac® has provided us with a good system to prove zones and refuge areas have been cleared. The system is intuitive, with clear plans, and requires very little training for academic and professional support staff.

Ian Hughes, Fire Officer, University of Hull

I am absolutely delighted with the way it’s been installed. I am absolutely delighted by the way it works. I wouldn’t change it.

Kevin Willis, Security Manager, Gala Coral Group