Support Services

Support Services

We take the complication out of discussing, designing and deploying an evacuation solution. Pre-sales services include: consultation, site surveys, desktop zone design and evacuation reports. Post-sales services include: on-site training, online training and customer care packs.

Desk-Top Analysis

We are happy to provide a free initial analysis of your site. We’ll need to see your building plans and gather key outline information. Should you need us to agree to any non-disclosure terms, that’s not a problem. We can then suggest which TagEvac® solution is best for you and give indicative pricing.

On-Site Survey

Our on-site Survey lets you engage us on a paid consultative basis. This service provides a structured document detailing your existing Evacuation arrangements and our findings. The report will include evacuation management processes and best practice recommendations which use TagEvac® systems as examples. To remain objective we will not provide quotations for any systems unless requested to do so.

Installation & Commissioning

We have designed our systems to make them easy for you to install and use. But we also understand that if you’re pushed for time or need extra support we’re there to help. We can take care of the installation so you have a complete and commissioned system ready to train and use. Please contact us to find out more.

Site Training

TagEvac® is simple to adopt and quick to learn. Supporting the implementation of your system we offer on-site training. This is augmented by a bespoke training presentation that is supplied with our Enhanced systems to deliver clear and relevant information to the people who need it. The training is flexible and depends on numbers attending and the complexity of your organisation.

Support Pack

Our Support Pack covers consumable items that you may need to replace from time to time and gives peace of mind to know you’re covered. It removes delays raising small value purchase orders and keeps your system ready for use. The pack includes replacement security seals and zone plan artwork. It also covers replacement of missing TAGs – it’s not common but good to know you’re protected. The Support Pack is available in 3 levels depending on the size of your system. Renewable annually. Please ask us for more details.

Why TagEvac®?

  • Trusted and proven emergency management solution
  • No ongoing maintenance costs
  • Simplifies the training of fire wardens
  • Ideal for larger, complex buildings
  • A practical solution for multi-site organisations
  • Provides clarity to emergency planning
  • Helps achieve best practice
  • Gets you back to work fast by reducing downtime
  • Provides reliability when you need it – in an emergency

Start Your Journey Towards Simple, Safe & Effective Emergency Evacuation