System Options

System Options

We’ve listened and learned a lot from our customers over the last 10 years. With our System Options, there are a range of upgrades to ensure the perfect solution for your company – whatever your needs.

18 Zone Control Board

Our 18 zone Control Board doubles up on the standard 9 zone Control Board providing greater scope for larger sites.

22 Zone Control Board

Like the 18 zone version our 22 zone Control Board provides a solution for larger sites in a small, self-contained, easy-to-use package.

Wide format Control Board with clock

Our wide format Control Board provides more space for additional information. Show your Fire Alarm zones, departments or building areas that will help you manage your evacuation. Use the optional clock to help evaluate your evacuation drills.

PHE Intermediate Control Board

Developed initially for Healthcare environments using Progressive Horizontal Evacuation (PHE), the Intermediate Control Board manages the progress of internal evacuation.

F.I.R.E. Notice

Our Modular F.I.R.E. notice provides essential information on your Fire, Incident, Response and Evacuation procedures. The A4 insert provides detail of evacuation zone, evacuation routes, fire-fighting equipment etc… The A5 insert shows staff trained as Evacuation Marshals, First Aiders etc… a totally flexible solution to keep your First Responders safe and informed.

Emergency Responder Notice

The Emergency Responder notice is designed to fit seamlessly with our Enhanced Core System. It shows people trained in each of your areas for Fire, First Aid, Evacuation system and Evacuation Chairs. You can see at a glance who you have available and if any additional training is required.

Bi-Directional Zone Indicator

In large open spaces it can be difficult to see where one zone stops and another one starts. Our Bi-directional indicator provides a simple conspicuous solution.

Checked Slider

Do you have areas with restricted or controlled access? Use our Checked Slider to manage your restricted access areas. It gives clear messaging to the Evacuation Marshal and speeds up their checking process. Safer for them and you get the confirmation you need quickly.

Retractable Barriers

Our retractable barriers help manage the evacuation process and prevent re-entering areas already checked. Discreet when not in use these barriers are quick and easy to deploy. Clear messaging benefits the sweep process and the Fire & Rescue Service when entering the building. Available in 2.3m and 4.6m widths for use in most applications.

Evac Master Control Board

For complex sites such as shopping centres, public buildings and manufacturing sites the Evacuation Master Control Board manages all elements of the evacuation. Built bespoke for your exact needs it shows the evacuation status of buildings so that Incident Controllers and the Emergency Services see information reported in real time at one location.

TAG Control Point – FIXED

Getting information you need from your Evac Team as quickly as possible in an emergency is essential. Use our TAG Control Board to provide a dedicated Control Point that works. Can be wall or pole mounted.

Mobile T.E.A.M. Control Point

It is not always possible to have a fixed TAG Control Point. Use our Mobile T.E.A.M. version instead. It provides simple recognition for your T.E.A.M. trained Evacuation Marshals. Simple clear messaging to make sure your people don’t have to think in an emergency.

T.E.A.M. branded Hi-Viz tabard

Get your people trained and part of the T.E.A.M! Provide engagement, recognition and value to the role as a TagEvac® Evacuation Accredited Marshal.

Hi-Viz Station

Designed to fit perfectly next to the Enhanced TAG station, the Hi-Viz will always be available when needed, whatever the situation.

Start Your Journey Towards Simple, Safe & Effective Emergency Evacuation

Why TagEvac®?

  • Trusted and proven emergency management solution
  • No ongoing maintenance costs
  • Simplifies the training of fire wardens
  • Ideal for larger, complex buildings
  • A practical solution for multi-site organisations
  • Provides clarity to emergency planning
  • Helps achieve best practice
  • Gets you back to work fast by reducing downtime
  • Provides reliability when you need it – in an emergency