Viirro. A culture change for Infection Control

For over a decade we have visited and surveyed buildings with a view to keeping people safe.

In 2017 a healthcare provider asked us to deliver an evacuation system whilst maintaining their infection control policy. We identified a lack of consistency in the placement and signage of hand sanitisers. This highlighted a false assumption that their existing policy worked. We asked ‘why?’

Because of our experience in 2017 we took the responsibility to challenge existing thinking. We looked at ways to improve product positioning, focussing on accessibility and signage. We designed and implemented a successful planning tool to help buildings stay operational.

Little did we know that 3 years later, the world would have infection control at its core. 2020 would change our views forever. The rush to react would be all-consuming. But at what cost?

We know there must be a culture change for infection control. At Viirro we help educate, communicate and deliver this culture change by providing a total value proposition, benefitting our customers for the long-term.

We remove ambiguity and confusion through cohesive planning. And we apply the same care and thought process that has driven our business for the past decade.

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Infection control is only effective if your building is ready. Providing the correct facilities and communicating this is the challenge. At Viirro we help you make your building safe. Our experienced team will work with you to create an effective plan. We will identify key areas of risk and provide practical solutions to overcome them.

  • Practical desktop site assessments
  • Robust compliance metrics
  • Trusted solution provider
  • Free no obligation guidance
  • Simplified communication and messaging
  • Innovative product range 

Our passion is working with you to get the results you need to keep everyone safe. Speak to us about becoming Viirro protected.