Safe in. Safe Out. Viirro Protected.

Since 2009 TagEvac® has safely protected people by designing and installing evacuation management systems that work.

As a direct response to the challenges of Covid 19 we established Viirro to work closely with our customers and to support them in safe reoccupation of their buildings. We identify problem areas and provide practical solutions to help improve safety protection performance, within clearly set budgets and timescales.

At Viirro we help educate, communicate and deliver change by providing a complete safety package, benefitting our customers for the long-term.

We remove ambiguity and confusion through cohesive planning. And we apply the same care and thought process that has driven our business for the past decade.

Viirro’s consultative service helps you make your workplace Covid safe. Our experienced team will work with you to create an effective plan. We will identify key areas of risk and provide practical solutions to overcome them.

  • Practical desktop site assessments
  • Robust compliance metrics
  • Trusted solution provider
  • Free no obligation guidance

Our passion is working with you to get the results you need to keep everyone safe. Speak to us about becoming Viirro protected.

TagEvac® and Viirro are the optimal installation to maintain safe entry and exit for any building. Contact us to plan your Safe In, Safe Out building.