About Us

About Us

TagEvac® is a UK based company specialising in emergency evacuation management solutions at home and internationally.

In 1989 after first-hand experience of evacuating a building in emergency, the resulting chaos and aftermath left a lasting impression. Everything we do today draws on that experience and combines with our dedication to deliver a simple goal – to ensure your people don’t need to think in an emergency.

Our drive and passion come from taking complex evacuation problems and delivering simple, effective solutions. It has been an extraordinary journey, working with and building a team who all share the passion we have for our business. Our reach, depth of experience and understanding makes us unique in our industry, and our systems are recognised as the default standard by an increasing number of UK Government departments and corporations alike.

In emergency, simple is best.

In a world driven by hi-tech solutions, it was our vision to go against the trend and develop our products using low-tech reliability. This ensures our systems have a stand-alone safe capability, and always immediately ready for use. It was also key that our products are made as ‘modular’ units, so these can be used with greater flexibility for a longer life without replacement.

It is important to us, as the company grows at pace that all our design and manufacture is performed in the UK rather than outsourcing. We value keeping skills and jobs in the economy and minimising our carbon footprint.

We are proud of the work we have done since the formation of the company in 2009, and excited to see what the next decade has in store.

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