Coca Cola European Partners

Coca Cola European Partners

Coca-Cola is one of the world’s most recognisable and valuable brands and has dominated the soft drinks market throughout the 20th Century.

TagEvac Evacuation System installed 2015.
Industry: Process, Manufactacturing & Technology

We asked Coca Cola European Partners, why choose TagEvac®?

  • Works in complex site
  • Training support
  • Standardisation

In the UK their Edmonton site was established in 1974 and with five manufacturing lines produces approximately 50 million cases each year. It was the first UK site to install Blow Fill technology, producing up to 142,000 litres of drink per hour. It has one of the most reliable performing large PET lines in Great Britain, peaking at 131,000 cases in 24 hours.

It’s a busy non-stop operation which can have significant impact on the evacuation process. And any evacuation will have significant impact on daily production and performance.

With the aim of simplifying the process and increasing efficiency for reporting times, Coca Cola Enterprises looked to TagEvac® to help create a solution which could also be used to standardise evacuation across their other UK sites.

Working with their Safety Management team, we helped to design a system meeting their key objectives: simplifying their evacuation process and receiving factual information during evacuation in real time. Now the entire site, regardless of department, use the same principles to check that their area is clear of people. From Warehousing to Production, Laboratory to Education Centre, their TagEvac®® system provides a holistic workable solution.

TagEvac® is an affordable, efficient and scalable solution designed to minimise disruption – meaning you can save money by significantly reducing your downtime costs. Get in touch for a free consultation and to find out how we can help you.