EMC is a global provider of storage hardware solutions that promote data recovery and improve cloud computing.

TagEvac Evacuation System installed 2010.

We asked DeLL EMC, why choose TagEvac®?

  • Improved fire procedures
  • Effectiveness
  • Structured evacuation

EMC’s London based UK headquarters is a prestigious seven storey archiving and data storage facility with priceless data for thousands of companies stored within. The security and safety of the site and staff is of the highest priority. The building is occupied by some 800 key staff.

For a total evacuation solution and to compliment our TagEvac® system we also provide Fire Evacuation plans. Made from either 5mm Foamex or Quality reverse printed Acrylic Our plans are clear, effective and provide easy to follow instructions.

Changes in the law now make it the duty of the responsible person to ensure the safety of everyone that uses your premises.

Detailed instruction on what actions to take upon discovering a fire, locations of fire fighting equipment and quickest routes to safety must be documented and made available to all staff and visitors.

Fire Escape Plans are life saving preparedness tools and provide a critical role in the safe evacuation of a building in the event of an emergency.

One of the most important functions that need to occur as soon as a fire is realised is getting people to safety as quickly and effectively as possible. Knowing how and where to go is the key to a successful evacuation.

Fire Escape Plans provide the guidance required to get out of a dangerous area quickly.
We are dedicated to producing quality clear, easy to follow visual instructions on what to do in a real emergency, for pre-event training and for post event staff accountability.

TagEvac® is an affordable, efficient and scalable solution designed to minimise disruption – meaning you can save money by significantly reducing your downtime costs. Get in touch for a free consultation and to find out how we can help you.