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Evacuation – why not getting it right is not an option

Jul 5, 2017, Article
Recently I wrote an article on the points to consider when putting together an evacuation policy. It asked lots of questions so it made the reader look at the wider picture I hope it helped. This article just predated the tragic events at Grenfell Tower. The following week at the Safety & Health Expo at the London Excel we had an unprecedented number of enquiries and discussions on evacuation from businesses and organisations from all sectors. All of these had one common aim; how to best manage evacuation and keep their people safe. The fire and its fallout has, quite rightly, re-positioned fire safety and all of its constituent parts right at the top of Health and Safety with a deserved level of focus.

To evacuate or not to evacuate. That is the question. Isn’t it?

Jul 5, 2017, Article
Please excuse the plagiarism. I doubt The Bard knew much on the subject, even though the original Globe Theatre burned down in 1613. But since you’re reading this, you probably do. Or you want to know more.

Are you gambling with your evacuation?

Apr 26, 2016, Article
Your evacuation probably only ever happens at drills and perhaps the occasional false alarm. It’s frustrating that it’s not as polished as you’d like but there’s no real pressure, because it’s just a drill. Your staff seem to know what they are doing. You’re using a verbal reporting system and it works. Sort of. Some information is sketchy and you’re not quite clear if some areas have been checked as well as they could be. But, in the end, there’s no pressure.

Is TECH the answer? (Or, how my old VCR taught me to appreciate the simple things in life.)

Sep 3, 2015, Article
Where would we be without tech? We’d be lost. Imagine life without your mobile, email, google? But we are now so integrated with tech we’re in danger of turning to it first, always, as the solution to any problem. Here I argue for the peaceful coexistence of hi, low and no tech in an increasingly complicated world. 

Raising the profile of evacuation: getting inside people’s heads

Jul 28, 2015, Article

Who wants to be a Fire Warden?

Jun 10, 2015, Article

Unilever select TagEvac®®

Feb 1, 2015, News

TagEvac®® fizzes at Coca Cola

Nov 21, 2014, News